I am in love  with creativity and story...

I believe we each have a story to tell . . .

...and photography is a vehicle that allows us the ability to experience a certain timelessness of that very story. Of that very moment.


I want to be a part of your story. I want to help you create those lasting, timeless moments so that you and your friends and family can experience them over and over again. To feel that same joy. To bring a smile to your face.


When you invest with EAH Creative Photography, you are building a friendship. You're not just my client, you're my friend and I'm a part (albeit small) of your story. That, to me, is an honor.

Here's a snapshot of me. I . . .

...love puns
...won a camera once (crazy, I know)
...am addicted to coffee (no, seriously, I LOVE it)
...sing/play guitar
...am a shameless Star Trek nerd (the Borg still freak me out)
...secretly (not so secretly) want to go on an adventure of a life time - maybe in search of a ring or something. Wait, has that been done?

...When I'm not taking photos, you can find me reading a book or writing.

...I feel it's important to use any gifts that you have (like photography) for others, not just yourself.  For me, capturing a moment in time is a passion as well as a privilege.

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What my clients are saying...

Emilie was very professional. Everyone involved in the wedding loved working with her. Our gorgeous pictures were returned to us in a very timely fashion. I am so grateful that I will always have those pictures to remember our special day.

-Carolyn & Matt


Emilie's photos are not only creative but she provides a high quality, professional service for any occasion. We loved her pictures!

-Courtney, Mike, & baby Jake


Emilie is so easy and natural to work with--a real pro at capturing the essence of a soul on film.

-Tosca Lee, NY Times Best Selling Author