Welcome to the NEW Blog

It has been far too long since I've had a photography & desgin blog. Actually, I've never had a blog that focused on both - it was usually photography only, but I've decided to change things up.


Why the change? Well, I just shot a wedding last weekend and realized...where can I show off these lovely photos? Facebook is great (and you can see a sneak peek of them HERE) but it doesn't allow me to do what I really want to, and that's to tell a story with photos and words. Yes, I'm a writer, I can't help it ;)

I decided to resurrect the blog and to make a few changes. I'll be posting as I once used to, sharing sessions and landscape photos as I take them, but I also hope to include some of my graphic design projects to spice things up!


Through it all, my hope is to continue to create art whether through photos or designs that comes from a genuine place within me. To spread the story of beauty and to celebrate the moments of life (big and small) that I capture.


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Photo by Jenna Care
Photo by Jenna Care



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