Morgan & Eliot | Engagement

There is nothing like a Washington, DC engagement.


Now hold on, I know what you're thinking: Emilie, you haven't lived in DC in over two years. And Emilie, it's FALL not SUMMER! Yes, these things are both true, but this lovely engagement session never got its day in the lime light of my blog since I was in the midst of transitioning my website etc. So, I thought why not re-post it here? And besides, a little reminder of summer never hurt anyone ;-)

Golden sunlight, historic Washington, DC monuments, a beautiful couple. All the things you need to make an engagement truly magical. This is Morgan and Eliot and they were such a blast to photograph! We circled around the Lincoln Memorial and the Memorial Bridge just in time to capture the perfect sunset. Hope you enjoy this session as much as we did!


Question: Have you been to Washington, DC? If so, what is your favorite monument?

Mine is a tie between the WWII Memorial at night and the Lincoln Memorial.


Morgan & Eliot | Engagement