Vellum Formatting

Are you interested in having your book formatted for print/ebook? Don't want to pay for specialized formatting? Vellum formatting is the perfection option. There are some stylistic limitations but the decreased cost makes it worth it. See examples below.


All Vellum formatting includes Print and eBook versions*, back matter /advertisement creation, unlimited (within reason) changes before finished product delivery, inclusion of provided artwork/photography, and the Vellum file with delivered work (useable only if you have the Vellum program. 


*Versions: PDF (print), .mobi, Kobo, Apple, Nook, Google, Generic



(up to 10k) $30

(10k-20k) $35

(20k-40k) $45


(40k-60k) $55

(60k-90k) $65

(90k-120k) $75

(120k-180k) $100

(180k-240k) $120


Customized Artwork 

This includes chapter headings to stylistically match cover, specialized dividers, customized title page, and part dividers.

(up to 20 chapters) $10 

(20-50 chapters)$15

(50+ chapters)$20

Formatting takes between 1-2 weeks (usually less) so contact me to book a slot on my calendar. 

Are you working with me to design a cover? Do you have multiple books to format? Ask about formatting discounts! 

Specialized Formatting

Professional typesetting done in Adobe InDesign. 


Coming soon...